Become Style King with Gran Turismo Clothing Line

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Believe it or not, there's now a Gran Turismo clothing line. Even the biggest fans will be the envy of style enthusiasts with this apparel, designed around a racing game series that has sold over 60 million units.

Clothing includes jackets, a long sleeve top, and a basic t-shirt. They're remarkably pricey--the beefy, water-resistant Endurance jacket will set you back $199, and the other two are only $30 or so cheaper. The t-shirts are in a more realistic price range, from $24-$29.

While the apparel is rather expensive, it's not to be outdone by the recent authentic Metal Gear Solid threads. The smart, casual look could easily fly within social circles, especially the t-shirt--but make sure you opt out of the tattoo that the model below thought was cool. And don't forget to mumble "I got it from the Gran Turismo Boutique" when someone asks you where you got your slick new tee.

Decide on your product of choice at the Gran Turismo Boutique online store, but beware that taxes and shipping charges are not included in an item's pricing. If you make an order, let us know how the delivery goes. Hopefully, it's nothing like the time it took to deliver a certain Gran Turismo game.

Stuart Macdonald
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