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Become the best Halo 4 player and win $200,000. It's that easy!

Halo 4 Global Championship 2013

343 Industries has announced the Halo 4 Global Championship, a worldwide tournament that seeks out the best Halo 4 player. Working in collaboration, 343 Industries, Xbox 360, and Virgin Gaming are teaming up for this summer-long tournament that gives gamers a chance to win $500,000 in prizes, with a grand prize of $200,000.

The competition will span multiple live events and five weeks of online gameplay through Xbox LIVE. Contestants will compete in free-for-all matches over a series of qualifying rounds (based on average scores and elimination matches). The tournament begins at the Rooster Teeth Expo on July 5 and on Xbox LIVE on July 15. It culminates with a two-day Finals competition in Seattle, Washington from August 31 to September 1.

Head over to Halo Waypoint for registration and the full list of rules.

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