Beck contributing three unreleased tracks to Sound Shapes

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It has been revealed that the upcoming music-based platformer from Queasy Games, Sound Shapes, will feature three tracks from Beck. You remember Beck, right? He's that awesome musician who's responsible for awesome songs like "Lost Cause" and "Girl" among others (so many, many others).

Worth mentioning is that these three new songs will be unveiled in Sound Shapes. That's right, this is never-before-released stuff! So awesome! The three new Beck songs to hit the upcoming PlayStation 3 and Vita title are "Cities," "Touch the People," and "Spiral Staircase."

Beck joins Jim Guthrie, deadmau5, and I Am Robot and Proud on the list of confirmed music makers for Sound Shapes. Seriously, that game was already looking (and sounding) awesome, but the inclusion of Beck just makes it even more worth getting totally stoked over.

Watch out for Sound Shapes on the PlayStation Network on August 7.


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