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Be the Zombie in Cry of the Infected for the PC

April 9, 2008

Be the Zombie in Cry of the Infected for the PC

Cyborg Arm Games breaks the zombie video game mold with their new PC first person shooter: Cry of the Infected. In a unique twist on zombie games, gamers can feel what it might be like to be a raging zombie. An entire city of civilians has been turned into zombies as a result of a biological warfare experiment gone wrong. Gamers play as Robert, a zombie trying to find his missing wife in a city torn apart by the outbreak. Groups of soldiers shoot anything that moves out of their own fear and loss of control. Some zombies attack their own kind in fits of agony. Perhaps worst of all is the crushing hopelessness that Robert must overcome as he rips and tears his way through this abandoned city.

"The story is really told through two perspectives," said Luke Porter, creator of Cry of the Infected. "You experience this gruesome environment as a zombie, but you also find pieces of a letter from one of the soldiers assigned to contain the zombie outbreak."

For only $4, gamers can experience 13 levels of action bound together by a compelling story and game environment. The main game contains 1-2 hours of gameplay, and the game can be replayed for an alternate ending and an unlockable secret weapon.

Click here to download the new Cry of the Infected demo.

Games purchased through Cyborg Arm Games are sent via a download link.

Cyborg Arm Games is an independent game studio created by Luke Porter in August 2007. Cyborg Arm Games offers unique first person shooter experiences for the hardcore gamer at low prices.

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