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Be Smart, Quick, and Square with bittos+ Coming to WiiWare

October 29, 2009

Be Smart, Quick, and Square with “bittos+” Coming to WiiWare

A new strategic puzzle game crafted to deliver an entertaining experience for the entire family

MACHINE announced today the upcoming release of bittos+, a new arcade-style puzzle game for WiiWare.

Developed by Unconditional Studios in San Diego, California, bittos+ challenges players to take control of a variety of shapes while guiding, rotating and placing them in just the right arrangement to construct happy, shiny squares, all the while being surrounded by relentlessly multiplying bad bits and pieces, previously neglected by the player. Squares? Yes, squares! The higher the player progresses, the more difficult the game becomes continuously testing the players’ mettle with a mind shattering four stages of ten levels in eighty-two rounds, making for one of the deepest puzzle game adventure modes available.

“The Wii's success among both casual and core gamers makes it an ideal match for the diverse style of play that’s offered in bittos+,” said Fox for Unconditional Studios. “It’s the perfect pick-up-and-play game for players looking for simple, yet captivating entertainment, but it also offers a variety of options for hardcore gamers looking for a deeper more engaging experience. On the mellow end of the spectrum the game offers a wonderful trance like experience, while on the wired end the title delivers hardcore, sometimes crazy, in-the-zone gameplay.”

The game comes loaded with multiple game modes to unlock, local high score boards, in-game medals and awards, and unique styles of play to entertain and challenge players of all ability levels, delivering a unique gameplay experience that the entire family can enjoy together.

bittos+ hits the Wii Shop Channel in November 2009.

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