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Be Jealous: Tales of Xillia PS3 in Japan Is Gorgeous


Japan seems to get an endless supply of awesome video game products. The Last Story for the Wii has launched exclusively in the land of the rising sun, and we still don't know for sure if we'll ever see it in North America or Europe. Dragon Quest Collection has yet to be confirmed for this part of the world. And now the lucky gamers of Japan are getting one hell of a PlayStation 3 model.

Earlier today at the Tales of Festival in Japan, Namco Bandai announced that the next entry in the storied series would launch on September 9 ... in Japan. We have no clue if we'll ever get to play Tales of Xillia here in North America without having to import it, but I hope the game makes a grand launch here in the west. But if you're jealous of Japan for getting this awesome-looking game in a couple of months, there's more ...

An insanely awesome specialized PlayStation 3 will launch in accordance with Tales of Xillia. Together, Sony and Namco Bandai created a bundle that includes Tales of Xillia and the beautifully designed PlayStation 3 pictured above. Are you jealous? I know I am!

If that wasn't enough, gamers who pre-order the game will also get a special character charm. Additionally, first print editions of the game will include some artsy XMB themes and character costumes. Oh, Japan, you get the coolest things.

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