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BBC releases 'Metal Gear Man' documentary on MGS 5-themed bionic arm

It look pretty darn cool.

Last year, Konami officially revealed the Phantom Limb project, a project aimed to bring a Metal Gear Solid inspired arm to someone an amputee, essentially turning them into Snake from Metal Gear Solid. Dubbed the 'Metal Gear Man,' the BBC has released the two part documentary that follows a man named James and the Konami inspired prosthetic.

After an accident left James without an arm and a leg, he responded to Konami's advertisement for the Phantom Limb and was picked to Meta Gear-themed arm. 

Unfortunately, the bionic arm the bionic arm doesn't preform as well as anticipated."The arm, it's not really... It's been forced into the public eye and it's not even ready yet,” James says. “I mean, it needs to take its first steps, but it can't walk. It can't even crawl.” 

James handled his with the arm with grace and was to gain quire a bit from the experience.

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