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The Marketplace service in development at Blizzard will allow users to create game content such as mods and maps and sell them to the community. The problem is, with Starcraft II aging on the shelf and the mod community working at a fever pitch, there's still no word on when the marketplace will arrive.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Blizzard's Dustin Browder gave some insight into the situation. “We are moving forward. We are working on it actively now,” said Browder. “As you can imagine there is an immense number of challenges for us to overcome. We're trying to deal with those issues. I don't know how we're going to solve some of the player rights issues.”

When asked specifically about the problems, Browder cited a few examples. "How do players protect their own maps so they don't get ripped off by other players? What are the rules of how much you're allowed to charge? There's just a ton of work for us to figure out.”

Is the marketplace just another Starcraft Ghost in-the-making? Will the service ever see daylight? Browder isn't so sure. “Who knows, dude? Anything is possible. We've canceled whole games before. Warcraft Adventures never made it out and that game was basically done. But we are working very hard on it. We have a bunch of people dedicated to it. I have every hope and belief and faith in its success and we're absolutely committed to getting it done.”

At this point, the delay shouldn't be a surprise. Blizzard handles their releases with an "It's done when it's done” attitude. It doesn't help matters that the service is potentially fraught with a host of legal issues, either. So will the marketplace ever come out? As long as the next two Starcraft II games are under production, anything is possible.


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