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Battlefield 3 Resolution Shocker


(GameZone's Matt Liebl may have already reported out on this story, but Vito Gesualdi takes another look)

As the world gears up for the heated holiday battle between FPS juggernauts Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, Electronics Arts may have the lost the war before it's even begun. This bombshell comes courtesy of DICE's John Andersson, the rendering architect for the game. Unfortunately, this supposed "architect" seems to be dismantling the house that EA built with his careless tweetering!

From "#bf3 is 1280x704 on both PS3 and 360. removing a few lines from 720p saves good perf & memory for us"

1280x704 resolution!? Damnit Andersson! We came here for the full 720p experience, and delivering even a fraction of that glorious HD resolution is an outrage! How on earth can I enjoy murdering virtual foreigners if I can't see their freedom-hating brain matter exploding out the side of their head in crisp full definition? What's the fun in raining down an overbearing level of digital bloodshed on my third-world foes if my fancy liquid crystal display can't fully render the look of terror in their eyes, watching helplessly as their city burns is liberated?

In other news, Battlefield 3 pre-orders just topped 1.25 million so... maybe people aren't as upset as I'd thought they'd be.

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