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Battlefield 3 Meant to Be a Fun Game, Not Controversial


I'm going to be honest with you. I'm not a fan of Call of Duty. I've never been one to care about military shooters, and I think part of the reason is because I don't care for the realism. For me, video games are supposed to be crazy fun. Although the occasional realistic game is fun, I have a much better time playing games like Zelda, No More Heroes, God of War, and Resident Evil than I do something like Black Ops. I know there's an audience for those games, but it's not for me.

But even despite my lack of interest in the realism of war shooters, I've been genuinely intrigued by everything I've seen thus far of Battlefield 3. And now developer DICE has swayed me even more and may convcine me to shell out the cash for my first military shooter. According to the company behind Battlefield 3, the game won't be directed so much toward realism. Though the authenticity of war will definitely be there, Battlefield 3 will be a game that's completely fictional for the sake of having fun with it.

In an interview Edge magazine, the developer gave a descriptive explanation regarding the plot of Battlefield 3. "First of all: it's fiction," clarified Patrick Bach, executive producer of Battlefield 3. "We're not trying to base it on any political or religious conflict---controversy is probably a good marketing tool, but we make games. Our goal isn't to make controversy. I don't want people to feel bad playing our game. Our goal is to create a fun, entertaining experience. So we are trying to stay away from things that are real--authentic and real don't have to be the same thing."

I can appreciate where DICE is going with Battlefield 3. The fictional storyline is especially intriguing, and the fact that it's coupled with a realistic, impressive physics engine has me incredibly interested. Battlefield 3 looks like a title to watch out for---for both military shooter buffs and gamers who like rewarding gameplay and plot.

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