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Battlefield Hardline's newest weapon is... a sword?

Betrayal DLC introduces new weapons, maps and licenses

Battlefield Hardline's newest weapon is........a sword?

When Battlefield: Hardline's Betrayal DLC launches next month it will bring a number of the usual additions in the form of maps, weapons, bug fixes, etc. One of those weapons is rather interesting, however; it's a sword.

Included in the pack will be four new maps titled Alcatraz, Cemetery, Chinatown, and Thin Ice. Although no official description was given, they are pretty self explanatory except for maybe Thin Ice, which we figure will most likely take place near a frozen lake or maybe even a hockey arena.

Seven new weapons are also included, and we know one of them is a sword thanks to an image on the Battlefield site. The others were not listed, but we will learn more about them when the official patch notes are released. 


All players, whether you buy the DLC or not, will get 11 new base weapons and an update to Gold battlepacks. Each pack will have the opportunity to drop a weapon license voucher as well. This will act as a Distinguished class item to let you unlock specific weapons. Although details weren't included, I'm presuming it would let you unlock a high end weapon without purchasing it in game. Of course, new assignments and weapon camos are also included. 

Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal releases in March with no exact date yet. 

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