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Battlefield Hardline's new mode borrows heavily from Call of Duty

New 'Bounty Hunter' mode sounds a bit like Kill Confirmed, eh?

Battlefield Hardline's new mode borrows heavily from Call of Duty

EA has detailed the new Bounty Hunter mode coming to Battlefield Hardline in the upcoming Criminal Activity expansion, and it might sound a bit familiar to many of you.

"Bounty Hunter is a high intensity infantry focused mode that pits the teams in a war to collect the other team’s bounty coins," EA says of the mode.

"When a player is taken out a team-colored coin is dropped in the world by their body. When an enemy coin is collected it is added to your team’s score. Friendly coins can be collected to deny the enemy the ability to score your team’s coin. The first team to collect enough enemy coins to hit the limit wins the match."

Sound familiar yet? It should, because it it seems like a blatant copy of of Call of Duty's Kill Confirmed mode, which has you pick up enemy dog tags instead.

The size and cope of maps in Criminal Activity will be tailored for a variety of different playstyles, which EA says will provide "an excellent playground" for this new mode.

"In Black Friday, set in a Miami shopping mall, tight hallways and focused chokepoints provide excellent routes for run-and-gun players. Code Blue and The Beat, offer a blend of close quarters and medium range engagements that complement the new selection of battle rifles. Add an Angled Foregrip and a 4x Optic and you’re ready dominate at longer ranges in the hills of Backwoods. Just make sure you bring ammo, Bounty Hunting season is open."

Developers borrow concepts and ideas from each other all the time -- especially in the first-person shooter genre -- but Bounty Hunter mode looks like a blatant copy of Call of Duty's Kill Confirmed. That being said, Kill Confirmed has always been my favorite mode in CoD, so I'm excited to see something similar exactly the same come to Battlefield. 


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