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Battlefield: Hardline release date announced with new gameplay trailer


Battlefield: Hardline, the next iteration in EA's popular first-person shooter franchise, is coming on October 21 of this year. EA revealed the release date today via a new gameplay trailer that will presumably be elaborated on during the company's E3 press conference next week.

What's funny is that it still very much looks like a Battlefield game, but the entire premise is throwing me off. Hardline is ditching the traditional military landscape as seen in past Battlefield games, and will instead focus on more urban warfare between cops and criminals.

"Visceral Games brings its critically-acclaimed storytelling swagger to an all new cops and criminal fantasy inspired by some of the most popular TV crime dramas," a brief description reads. It certainly looks entertaining, but I'll reserve judgment until I get some hands-on time with the game.

Platforms for Battlefield: Hardline have not yet been announced, but I think it's safe to say Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The October release isn't necessarily surprising as that's when Battlefield games tend to release, but it's definitely going to be a crowded month for games. I hope you've been saving.

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