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Battlefield: Hardline beta footage leaked, quickly blocked by EA

BFH Beta

Beta footage from the next installment in the Battlefield series was leaked online Monday…until Electronic Arts’ copyright rules brought down the hammer.

YouTube user “Freddy Dancer” published a 13-minute video showcasing beta footage of Battlefield: Hardline, which was announced last week as a cops versus robbers Battlefield game set to launch this fall.

“This is a quick glance at the new Battlefield Hardline Beta. I was just playing around so you guys can see what's new and what's cool,” read the video’s description.

EA was quick to block the video on grounds of copyright, adding validity to the footage. The publisher said last week that fans will get a major glimpse of the new title at E3 next week.

Be sure to join in on GameZone’s coverage of E3 next week, as we will be on the ground floor in Los Angeles to give you all the latest gaming news, including all the juicy details on Battlefield: Hardline.

Source: [YouTube via GameInformer]

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