Battlefield 4 server update makes M1911 3X pistol scope available to all players

Battlefield 4 Screenshot - M1911 Pistol Scope

Earlier today, DICE rolled out a new server version for Battlefield 4 on all platforms, unlocking the M1911 3X pistol scope for all players while also bringing a few fixes.

You may remember back in November DICE promised this special sidearm scope -- previously reserved for DICE developers -- as a token of appreciate for everything fans have had to endure throughout the launch process of the game. Since its launch in late October, Battlefield 4 has experience a number of issues including game crashes, glitches, and bugs. DICE continues to work to fix these problems, and EA has even said all work on future projects and expansions from the developer have been put on hold until it is fixed.

The game may still have some issues, but below are the patch notes for the R14 Server Update:

  • Unlocks the M1911 scope for all players 
  • Fix for battlepack boost time not being used when playing as Commander 
  • Fix for rank getting capped to 100 when playing as tablet Commander

The M1911 scope has 3X zoom and is available for all classes. It can be accessed in the loadout screen under "Optic" for the associated weapon.

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