Battlefield 4's Premium Expansion pack is called 'Drone Strike'

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Fans who pre-order Battlefield 4 are guaranteed to also receive the "Premium Expansion Pack" as a free bonus. While we still don't know what that entails, we at least now have an official name to go by. Thanks to some leaked promotional materials, we now know the premium expansion pack is titled "Drone Strike Expansion Pack."

The marketing material doesn't reveal much more other than the name, but you can expect something similar to what Battlefield 3 users received with Back to Karkand, the free expansion included with buying the Limited Edition of BF3. So expect new maps, maybe some new weapons and vehicles, and customized dog tags.

EA is currently taking pre-orders for Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. While I expect it will be available on next-gen platforms, pre-orders for the PS4 are not being taken yet.


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