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Battlefield 4's Levolution is about more than just environmental destruction


Back in June, DICE explained to us that Battlefield 4's Levolution -- player-driven environmental changes -- represents a "tactical element" in gameplay. At the time, it looked like visual eye candy; seeing a giant skyscraper crumbling was a sight to behold, but apparently there's more too it then that.

In the newest Battlefield 4 Levolution video, multiplayer producer Aleksander Grondal calls it "the next step in player choice and how you affect the world and the world affects you back."

"It can be anything," he says, "like creating all-new paths to get the upperhand in a fight."

As you'll see, Levolution is about more than just destruction. It's about using your environment to your advantage: fortifying your position by lowing the shutter gates, trapping your enemy in a train car with a hand grenage, or disorienting your enemies by shooting out the lights.

Levolution also brings environmental changes that dramatically alter the look and feel of a map over the course of battle, triggering massive game-changing events.

"Levolution is a game changer," Grondal says. Check out the trailer to see for yourself.

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