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Battlefield 4's Battlelog gets an update

Battlelog Battlefield 4

Battlelog, the online service used to track Battlefield 4 stats, progression, and achievements, has received an update today. The update includes a number of improvements and fixes, but the most noteworthy change is that newer versions of Firefox will now require you to actively allow the Battlelog plugin. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of features, improvements, and fixes -- all of which are detailed below:


  • Improved the Server Browser filter to categorize maps per expansion pack 
  • You can now choose to share specific emblems with everyone, friends only or no one 
  • Changed emblem view and copy flow, so you are now redirected to a user's emblem page to view all the emblems a user has created, with a button to copy emblems if allowed 
  • Added support for Air Superiority and Capture the Flag in Live Scoreboard 
  • You can now sort servers by recently played on the servers History page 
  • Bigger images also added for vehicles in the sidebar now on Stats and Unlocks 
  • Improved Leaderboards overview page for viewing city, country and the world, making it easier to explore the top players in various regions 
  • Add a "view more" to forums in the Battlelog mobile app for viewing multiple pages 
  • The best top award for a player is now showed in the scoreboard details view in Battle Reports 
  • Added a "Set active kit" button when viewing specific kits in Loadout


  • Viewing someone else's emblem now only fetches the image, so the emblem cannot be copied without consent 
  • You can now join mutual friends from the in-game Battlelog on Xbox One, when the friend is playing Battlefield 4 multiplayer 
  • Rush defender tickets are now properly shown in BattleScreen
  • The error message bar in the bottom of the screen no longer closes automatically 
  • Fixed an issue where the progress bar and track button showed for unlocked weapons 
  • Fixed an issue where the Accept button didn't show up on tablet in the Missions invite friends popup 
  • If you try to join a server when logged out, the popup will now ask you to "Login" instead of "Get Battlefield 4" 
  • Fixed issues where the Unified Game Manager and user chats would overlap 
  • Banned users can no longer write texts when sharing Battle Reports 
  • Fixed an issue where emblems and clan tag would show in the in-game Battlelog for users with User-Generated Content turned off 
  • Made it less likely for the join messaging in the Unified Game Manager to appear if a popup is shown claiming you can't join the server 
  • Fixed an issue where pressing retry in a popup would open new instances, but the background dimming would never disappear 
  • Better error messaging for banned users when logging into the Battlelog mobile app 
  • Fixed an issue with map names not showing for certain Missions on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 
  • Fixed various minor Live Scoreboard issues 
  • Fixed various minor issues with Recommended Servers


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