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Battlefield 4 Loadout Presets coming tomorrow


Tomorrow, DICE will be implementing Loadout Presets, a feature that allows you to save kit or vehicles setups so you can easily switch between them when going in to a Battlefield 4 multiplayer match. 

"With this time-saving feature, you no longer have to edit each slot individually in the Customize screen when you want to change your Loadout," DICE notes. 

"For example, those who want quick access to a “field engineer” Preset can create one of these with the MX4, SRAW, Repair Tool, and Mechanic specialization – or any other combination of the player’s choice," the developer explains. "If you are more of a combat engineer, you might want to create a preset with the M1014 shotgun, RPG, M2 SLAM, and Offensive specialization – it’s all up to you."

It's a feature that will allow you to quickly switch between setups based on the map or game mode you are about to play without having to go through the in-game Customize screens.  The Loadout Presents will only be available through Battlelog and will not be reflected in-game. Once you apply Presents to your Loadout, it will automatically follow you in-game when you save it.

Over on the Battlefield blog, you can find a more in-depth explanation on how to create and manage your Loadout Presets.
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