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Battlefield 4 is free on PC for the next week


EA has announced that Battlefield 4 will be next up on the publisher's Origin Game Time program. Starting today, you can download DICE's massive first-person shooter and begin playing for free for one full week.

EA says Origin Game Time for Battlefield 4 is currently rolling out worldwide over the next few hours, so if you don't see it available yet, you will soon. 

Origin users have until August 14, 10:00am PT, to grab Battlefield 4 on Origin Game Time; however, once you download it you actually have a full week's worth of game time. That's 168 hours worth of Battlefield 4. Unfortunately, the clock runs in real-time, so it'll count down whether you are in the game or not. On the bright side, your progress and Origin Achievements will be saved should you decide to purchase the full game when your time runs out. And remember, this is the full game, not some limited trial. So you will have access to the single-player campaign and online modes. 

To get Battlefield 4 through Origin Game Time simply add the game to your library and download the game. Your game clock will not begin until you actually launch the game for the first time.


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