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Battlefield 4 developer 'very interested' in possibly offering eSports availability in their upcoming shooter


In a YouTube interview published on Luetin09’s page, EA Digital Illusion’s general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson revealed that their team is “very interested” in eSports, as it relates to their upcoming, next-gen shooter.

"We definitely see Battlefield — especially the multiplayer component of it — as a very competitive part of the game, of course," Troedsson said. "And multiplayer is the heart of any Battlefield game that we do. That won't change moving forward.

"I can't ... talk about the specifics here because we're not announcing them, but I can say, for instance, that eSports is an area that we are very interested in."

This news comes on the heels of last week’s 17-minute blowout coverage of Battlefield 4, which ran nearly flawlessly on a high-end PC that many expect could be similar to what we see in the Playstation 4 and next-gen Xbox.

Troedsson made it very clear that this is in no way a confirmation of the addition of eSports in Battlefield 4, as he noted how difficult the process actually is, but he did have the following to reassure those excited by this item:

"So yes we are very interested in this area, and we're definitely going to see what we can do here."

If Battlefield 4 does indeed end up with some sort of eSport availability, how would you like to see it implemented? Let us know by commenting below. You can also view the entire interview with Troedsson below.

Source: [YouTube]

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