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Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC apparently doesn't carry over from current to next-gen

Battlefield 4 China Rising

A number of Battlefield 4 players who pre-ordered the game on PS3 are allegedly unable to carry over the China Rising content when upgrading their current-gen copy of the game to the PS4 digital version. 

EA user buckethead232 and NeoGAF user TheVanillaGorilla have both reported issues when attempting to download the DLC after upgrading their physical PS3 copy of Battlefield 4 to the digital version on PS4. Apparently, they are no longer eligible to download the expansion pack provided with their original purchase.

"I bought BF4 for my PS3, I waited to redeem my download code until after the PS4 came out and I utilized the 10 dollar upgrade to the PS4 version," says buckethead232. "I go to download China Rising Today and it wont let me download for free.  Start an advisor chat and EA has evidently decided this afternoon that if you took this path to upgrade your game you are out of luck and have to pay 14.99 or buy Premium to get it."

According to an alleged transcript posted by the user, EA "can't help." 

"According to the latest updates, upgrading players have to purchase it," the EA representative said. The rep went on to say that the only two conditions of getting China Rising would be to have already pre-ordered Battlefield 4 for next-gen consoles at full price or purchasing Battlefield 4 Premium for either current or next-gen console. TheVanillaGorilla posted a similar transcript on NeoGAF.

The first EA rep said that the policy could change in the future, but for now it seems that Battlefield 4 players upgrading to the next-gen version will have to do so without their already-purchased content. And for EA and DICE, this is just the latest in a string of problems surrounding the game.


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