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Battlefield 3 Will "Put a Huge Dent" In Modern Warfare 3 Market


Remember when EA and DICE claimed they were going to overthrow Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?  Maybe it was the reaction to their less than par Battlefield 3 Open Beta, but it seems they are taking a step back from their initial statementents.

In an interview with SPOnG, DICE producer Patrick Liu said that the studio was looking to create the best game it could.  If the Battlefield 3 beta was the best they can do, then the bar must be pretty low. Then, the interview shifted more towards Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3, as most Battlefield 3 interviews tend to do. 

"From what I’ve seen of Modern Warfare 3 it looks great, as usual. I think we're going to put a huge dent, so to speak, in [Activision's] market," Liu said. "But they’re a behemoth. It’s not easy to move them... although I believe that we have already done that, with Battlefield 3's campaign so far."

Honestly, why can't DICE and EA just shut their mouth when baited into questions about competing with sales and Modern Warfare 3's market? 

After his Liu was quick to change his tone, "But at the same time, from a developer standpoint, we really focus on creating our own game and making the best that we can. We set the bar quite high for ourselves, and that’s usually the biggest challenge for us."

"I know that the game is never actually done - we can always improve the game. We have lots of ideas on how to improve this, so if we could we would push Battlefield 3 back a year or two maybe. But that wouldn’t make any sense. So the biggest challenge is really our own requirements for ourselves."

What exactly are your requirements, DICE? I've played the beta, and I think it could definitely use a year or two.  Maybe if they spent more time on the development side, and less time with the interviews and smack-talking, and really cool trailers they'd have a more polished product. 

Here's a tip, spend less time on your "Destruction" trailer, and more time fixing bugs.  You don't see Activision talking trash about how they are going to stomp Battlefield 3.  That's because they don't have to.  They are comfortable with their product selling itself.

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