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Battlefield 3 was Google's 5th Fastest-Rising Global Query in 2011


As 2011 comes to close, Google has taken a look at this year's 10 fastest-rising global search queries.  The fastest queries included celebrities like Rebecca Black, Ryan Dunn, Adele, Steve Jobs, and Casey Anthony (she's practically a celebrity right?)

As for gaming, there was only one game that made the list: Battlefield 3.  No other game, or gaming related search made the top 10 list, unless you consider the iPad 2 to be gaming-related.

Revealed today by Google Zeitgeist, DICE's Battlefield 3 was the 5th fastest-rising global query for 2011, beating out searches for the iPhone 5, Adele, Steve Jobs, the iPad2, and its biggest competitor Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (who didn't make the list).

Battlefield 3 is just coming off releasing its first DLC, Back to Karkand, and has just released its Physical Warfare Pack for PS3.

For those who like this "search" comparison, Bing recently revealed that Xbox was more searched than PlayStation for 2011 using the Bing search engine.

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