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Battlefield 3 PC "Designed For" High Graphical Settings


The jig is up.  Battlefield 3 graphics on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 won't even come close to the PC graphics.  In a picture by Gameranx showing a powerpoint presentation reveals that Battlefield 3 at it's lowest possible setting has "similar visuals to consoles" with "lots of stuff disabled".  What the missing "stuff" will be wasn't detailed, but it's probably additional particle effects and more textures that the consoles couldn't process.

Battlefield 3 graphical specs

It should be noted that in the powerpoint presented by JohanAndersson from Nvidia Geforce LAN, that even on the lowest possible settings, Battlefield 3 "still contains the essential visuals to not be unfair in MP".  The minimum graphics card required was shown to be a Geforce 8800 GT 512 MB RAM.

This shouldn't come as any surprise.  With the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 now being a little over 5 years old, there's no way people can expect those systems to compare to newer built PC rigs.  Still, even the majority of "newer" PCs won't be able to run Battlefield 3 at its highest setting. 

About a month ago, DICE revealed the PC specs for Battlefield 3, shocking the gaming community with extremely high requirements to run Battlefield 3 no only on it's "ultra" setting, but even on "medium".  Many PC gamers thought they could get away with running the game on "high" graphical settings based on the "required" specs, but DICE dropped the atom bomb on those dreams when they announced that the "recommended" specs are only good enough to run the game on "medium" setting.

Of course, this is nothing to scoff at.  The powerpoint shows that on medium settings "most important visual features" are enabled.  With that being said, even the powerpoint shows that DICE intended the gameto be played on it's high or ultra settings.  It's high setting, or "what the game is designed for", recommends a Geforce 560 TI or better.  Even on high, all the settings aren't enabled.  The powerpoint states, "all major features on except for MSAA (if you have DX11 card).

There is no doubt Battlefield 3 looks great, but it's playability was questionable after a buggy open beta.  I think Battlefield 3's graphics are going to revolutionize PC and console gaming.  Battlefield 3 clearly pushes the envelope with it's graphics and is not doubt getting everything it can out of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  DICE has shown why it's time for a PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720.  The current consoles are just enough to scrape by. 

Keep in mind, this is a presentation by a graphics card company, so take what they say with a grain of salt.  They are in the business of selling upgrades.

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