Battlefield 3 Patch Fixlist Could Come This Week, or Early Next Week

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It's been a little over a month now since the launch of DICE's Battlefield 3.  Since its release Battlefield 3 has seen 5 million players come to experience the top notch multiplayer gameplay it offers.  But despite it's popularity, breathtaking graphics, and stellar online play, there are still some tweaks to be made.

As with any online game, balances and tweaks must be made to ensure fair and fun gameplay for all involved.  As gamers play they find glitches and strategies that the developers may not have intended.  Needless to say, DICE is listening to player feedback and gearing up the upcoming patch for Battlefield 3.

We've already received some fixes planned in the next update including adjustments to the Tactical Lights, mortar changes, anti-air guns effectiveness, and changes revolving around the popular jet.

While we still have no clue about a possible release date for the patch, we did get an update from DICE's Global Battlefield Community Manager Daniel Matros.

Matros announced that a "fixlist will be posted sometime this week or at the latest early next week. Being very vague with deadlines here since we have a few dates going around."

While the fixes won't be implemented then, fans will at least know what to expect from the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch - or at least have official confirmation.

Matros did confirm that he "Can´t reveal anything right now except that it is being based on community feedback we´ve collected. This isn´t the final update though. We will keep working on the game."  DICE may not get to every bug or balance issue with this patch, but things are looking good for the future of Battlefield 3.

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