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Battlefield 3: "Less OP Combos, More Interesting Choices is the Goal" Says Dev


According to Core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz, the goal for Battlefield 3 loadouts is "less OP combos and more interesting choices."

To help accomplish this goal he has mentioned a few tweaks and weapon rebalances that he is working on for Battlefield 3.

"Working on rebalancing foregrip, heavy barrel, silencer, and flash suppressor. Less OP combos and more interesting choices is the goal," he said in a tweet earlier today.

Responding to fans, Kertz said, "FAMAS with foregrip and silencer is op. FAMAS alone has disadvantages, but the accessories totally cancel them."

Just because he is aiming for more interesting choices doesn't mean Battlefield 3 will stray down a more unrealistic path, however.  These changes will still reflect the real-life version of the weapons.

When asked about the downside of useing a foregrip in real life, Kertz confirmed, "Many shooters say it makes target acquisition at long range harder."

With that being said, that could be one of the new tweaks coming to the foregrip.  As for the other tweaks, we'll just have to wait and see what he has planned.

DICE recently released the first Battlefield 3 expansion, Back to Karkand, along with the Physical Warfare Pack.

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