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Battlefield 3: Jets Improved, Stingers Nerfed in Upcoming Patch


Aside from server issues and connection problems plaguing Battlefield 3, it now looks like fans are targeting the gameplay - particularly tweeting their thoughts on gameplay balancing to Fredrik Thylander, the Senior Designer at EA DICE.  It appears as if DICE is already aware and fixing some of the unbalanced elements in Battlefield 3, confirmed by Thylander via Twitter.

The upcoming patch DICE is working on for Battlefield 3 will focus on improving a number of things and fixing several bugs - the usual.  Aside from the behind the scenes fixes, DICE has responded specifically to two fan requests: Stingers and Jets.

When told by a fan that "Jets suck balls...they need a buff," Thyander confirmed, "They are getting it.  Thank you for your feedback."  It always amazes me how the developers can remain so calm and collected when responding to such rude players.  As many would agree, the jets are underpowered, particularlythe machine gun access which is quite dififcult to rack up points to get the actual useful weapon unlocks like air to air missiles or flares.

While it's still not known what sort of improvements DICE has planned for jets, it's comforting knowing that they at least recognize there is a problem.  Another problem being addressed is the overpowered Stingers.  The unlockable anti-air weapon is man-portable and can be fired from passenger seats of vehicles, but more importantly it has a "nerf incoming" according to Thylander when responding to a follower that he wants it to be less OP.

Once again, while there are many fixes in the upcoming patch - which still doesn't have a release date - these are a few of the gameplay balances DICE has in mind for Battlefield 3.

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