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Battlefield 3 Flashlight NOT Changed in Recent Patch


Yesterday, DICE rolled out a new patch for Battlefield 3.  While the patch addressed many server-side and client-side issues and fixed a good amount of bugs, one noticeable change was "left off" the patch notes.  The change to the brightness of flashlights, which was teased a few weeks ago in an image that showed the difference, was left off the change-log.

This came to a shock to many when they downloaded the patch and saw the tactical annoyance was still there.  Even Battlefield 3's Core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz thought it was a mistake.  "I believe the flashlight change went into this PC patch and didn't make the notes. I'm working to confirm this and it will be updated on BL," Kertz said via Twitter.

As it turns out, the patch notes were correct.  Kertz updated fans a while later, "The Flashlight was NOT changed in this patch."

The reason he gave was pretty straight forward.  "It wasn't done in time."

You can check out the official patch notes at the official Battlefield Blog.

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