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Battlefield 3 easter egg spots a hostile Goldfarb in your area

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Is there anything better than finding a new Easter egg in a game? Yes, there are, but finding them is still exciting, especially when it's for Battlefield 3 -- a game that's been out almost two years. 

Previously, DICE had hinted at a further secret that can be found in the audio files. Luckily, YouTuber Jackfrags has found the Easter egg after a ton of work and help from others. As a matter of fact, the circumstances to replicate the Easter egg are so hard that Jackfrags had to hunt down the audio by locating it in a rip of the game's files. 

Hints fro Thomas Danke help Jackfrags with the Easter egg. Danke did a lot of voice work for Battlefield 3, and has previously states that there was an Easter egg no one has found yet. The Easter egg relates to spotting anti-aircraft, and the audio messages that play when this happens int he game. 

The message says, "We have spotted a hostile Goldfarb in your area. I repeat, hostile Goldfarb in your area. Proceed with extreme caution."

This refers to ex-DICE level designer and writer David Goldfarb. 

To hear the Easter egg and have the full story explained, watch Jackfrags video below.

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