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Battlefield 3 'Destruction' Trailer Says Goodbye to Campers


In war, destruction is inevitable.  As the latest Battlefield 3 trailer shows, nothing and no one is safe.  DICE's newest Battlefield 3 trailer shows buildings crumbling, walls crashing down, planes being shot from the sky, and players intentionally destroying the environment to kill a guy crouching behind a wall.  This new trailer, titled "Destruction", emphasizes a very important element of the game, "In Battlefield 3, the battlefield is destructible." 

Although DICE's decision to include a destructible battlefield has more to do with gameplay and less about aesthetics.  Yes, it is more authentic.  When explosions are happening all around, a skyscraper shouldn't be left standing.  But the reasoning goes beyond that.  "Say goodbye to camping." This is the heavy reasoning behind why cities and buildies are able to be destroyed.  DICE is combating "camping", a perfectly legal, but frowned upon player strategy.

For those who don't know, "camping" is a tactic in which a player will obtain a strategic position anywhere on the map and wait for players to arrive and be killed, or waiting for useful objects to appear in an area rather than actively seeking them out.  This is war people.  You shouldn't just sit around waiting for people to run past you.  You must always be on the move, and that's to DICE's destructible environment in Battlefield 3, they make sure of it.

Check out the latest Battlefield 3 'Destruction' trailer.

Now that Battlefield 3 open beta has ended, players must wait until October 25 to lay waste on cities.

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