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Battlefield 3 Control Complainers "Are on Crack"


It appears many of the Battlefield 3 players complaining about the control sensitivity in BF3 "are on crack".  At least that's what Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz had to say when responding to a fan complaining that "#DICE seriously trolled #PS3 #BF3 gamers by changing the look/aim to a jumpy & sloppy mess.  Why?"

Many fans on the PC and PlayStation 3 have reported issues of look sensitivity, but according to Kertz, "There has been no controls changes since the beta."

It must be all the crack making their hands all jittery and affecting their aim.  If that is the case then why has DICE confirmed that they have "found the issue" causing PC players to experience problems with the mouse?  According to DICE, "it's a code thing, not a setting.  When [the mouse] hit the cap for movement in interpolated time of movement instead of distance."

So it appears it's not the crack after all!  Whatever the reason behind the freaky controller changes, Ian Tornay has stated that "we've heard similar concerns regarding the sensitivity and control for PC and PS3.  We've forwarded all these concerns along to the DICE team who is looking at this issue."

I hope Alan Kertz isn't on that team.  He'll blame it on all the crack.

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