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Battlefield 3 Comma Rose Update Coming Soon


DICE has listened to fan requests for an improved Commo Rose update coming soon.  While Commo Rose was a requested feature for Battlefield 3, many fans were disappointed in the current version in place.  For those who don't know, the Commo Rose is a feature accessed by pressing and holding the Q button on the keyboard.  Once brought up, it allows you to quickly send pre-set messages to other players with one click, rather than the slower method of using the actual function keys.

According to DICE sound producer Tomas Danko, fans won't have to wait much longer for an improved Commo Rose.

Danko recently Tweeted, "We have patched and updated comrose big time, it will be distributed shortly."

"It's so updated we refer to it as comrose 2.0.  Soon in a patch near you. :)"

Two of the most needed key commands, "Need ammo" and "need medic" are missing from the current system.  With this new, improved Commo Rose set to "distribute shortly", fans will soon have access to these much needed commands.

Danko confirmed that there will be a request ammo/medic command in the comrose 2.0.  However, he didn't reveal an actual date for when this new Commo Rose will be implemented, but with the Back to Karkand expansion DLC set to hit Xbox 360 and PC on the 13th, I would expect it sometime after that.

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