Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC details revealed

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Last week at the Game Developers Conference, DICE announced its upcoming expansion pack, Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. The expansion is expected to introduce 10 new weapons,  10 new Assignments, 5 unique dog tags, new achievements, and most interestingly...close quarters combat. While many may argue that DICE is tailoring this DLC to Call of Duty fans, we're intrigued with how the formula of destruction and squad play will work indoors. Today, though, DICE revealed several several details about Battlefield 3: Close Quarters, including some brand new screen shots: 

The clue for the theme in Close Quarters is in the title: The battlefield moves indoors, and we’re bringing HD Destruction! While the squad functionality and gunplay will feel instantly recognizable for any Battlefield player, moving the battle to tight maps means it’s instant action and even more frantic than normal.

The tight level design and vertical gameplay means death can come from any angle, and the HD Destruction adds a new layer of mayhem to the game. Check out our first gameplay trailer from Battlefield 3: Close Quarters above, and stay tuned for an in-depth look at HD Destruction in our “Inside DICE” blog series soon.

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters is slated for a June release, and with DICE's DLC track record, we're extremely excited to get our hands on it! 
Source: [DICE]
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