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Battlefield 3: Aftershock now available on iPhone, iPad for Free


EA's iOS version of their recent blockbuster shooter, Battlefield 3, is now available for the iPhone and iPad.  Titled Battlefield 3: Aftershock, this free game gives you some intense multiplayer on-the-go.

Inspired by upcoming movie, Act of Valor, the Battlefield 3: Aftershock game includes devastating effects, gritty environments, and vivid weapon details.

Battlefield 3: Aftershock includes 4 different weapons, plus an unlockable 5th bonus weapon.  The game's "leading edge graphics" include stunning visuals fully optimized for the iPhone and iPad.

With this free app you can immerse yourself in intense multiplayer team battles and sharpen your skills with pulse-pounding combat.

The app, currently available on the App store, is universal; compatible with iPhone (3GS and higher) and iPad devices.  It is 287MB in size.  Early user reviews aren't too encouraging with a rating of 2.5 stars by 74 users, but if you've downloaded the game then let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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