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Battlefield 3 Adding 'Caspian Border' to PC Open Beta


Beginning this weekend, DICE is opening up the Caspian Border map for Battlefield 3 PC Open Beta players.  Battlefield 3 open beta has been going on for a little over a week now, giving players only access to the close-quarters Operation Metro map.

Now, after analyzing data from the first round of Caspian Border tests, DICE has decided to bring back the larger, more open Caspian Border map for the PC community.

"After analyzing the data from our first round of closed Caspian Border tests, we have great news for participants in the Battlefield 3 PC Open Beta: the DICE team has decided to bring back Caspian Border for the beta's final weekend and conduct an open large scale test of the 64 player Caspian Border map," community manager Ian 'crash7801' Tornay explained yesterday.

While console players may feel shafted, the reason behind only opening up the map to PC players is to test the 64-player configuration.  Since the servers on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 have a 32 player limit, only PC beta is getting access to the 64-player map.

With Battlefield 3 scheduled to end on October 10 for all three platforms, PC beta testers will have roughly three days to get their Caspian Border fix before having to wait for the official Battlefield 3 launch on October 25th.

In early August, DICE revealed a trailer (which you can watch below) for the multi-faceted, vehicle heavy Caspian Border map.  Right now, it's unconfirmed if vehicles will be implemented in the Caspian Border beta map.

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