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Battlefield 1 will feature 9 maps and 6 modes at launch, including an hour long + mode

Now these look rather interesting...

Battlefield 1 is a month away, and today we know exactly how many maps and modes will be arriving with it on launch. A total of 9 maps and 6 modes will be at our disposal, including one mode designed to last over and hour.

The modes are as follows:

  • Conquest - Standard fan favorite
  • Rush - Same as the Rush we know and love. It was recently announced that points for kills will count, which has been changed since the most recent beta. Attacking forces must find and destroy the Defending force’s Telegraph Posts, which the defenders can use to call in artillery strikes. The Defenders can deny the Attackers by disarming the explosives they plant, but should the Telegraph Posts be destroyed, the Defenders must fall back to another sector
  • Team Deathmatch - Whoever kills the most wins, with Elite classes spawning at random times throughout the match.
  • War Pigeons - A new mode designed to make use of the pigeons as they were used in World War I. When the game starts, a pigeon coup with a messenger pigeon is placed somewhere on the map. Locate the pigeon before the enemy and carry it to a safe location out in the open. There you prepare a message and send it off, calling for artillery support. Once a message is successfully sent an artillery barrage will strike the enemy.
  • Domination - Smaller version of Conquest with objectives.
  • Operations - The hour long match. Takes place along multiple maps based on real battles of World War I. After you win on one match, you proceed to the next map and can see the map you just fought on in the horizon. Attackers will attempt to capture the defensive points from defenders. If they win, they proceed to the next map and try to win over 3 maps, winning by capturing the last objective in the last map. Defenders win if they kill enough attackers to drain the battalions. 

DICE indicated that with Operations mode, that "We wanted to create a Battlefield experience that was not just bite-sized, but actually spanned beyond an hour of playtime. Something epic and compelling for players who wanted a chance to immerse themselves in this first global war, and capture the stories of how different battles were deeply connected to one another". This absolutely sounds like the mode to play for veterans. After all, you don't want some dirty casual ruining your match after an hour, right? RIGHT?

Their will also be 9 maps on launch, including the free December map which DICE has revealed. All of the maps are broken down over a variety of locations and include the following:


Ballroom Blitz - Takes place in a French Chateau in 1918 along the Meuse River, which of course you can obliterate with tanks and flamethrowers. 


Argonne Forest - Up close and personal, trench warfare. Clear out bunkers with gas and much more.


Fao Fortress -  Land on a beach to fight over dunes, eventually ending in an "inpenetrable" fortress


Suez - Across the Sinai Desert and grand canal


Sinai Desert - All out war with dogfights and Behemoth train when a team starts to lose

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