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Battlefield 1 Prise de Tahure Update brings new night map, Premium Trials, and more

Here's what the latest update brings!

Last month, DICE released the first night map for Battlefield 1, along with a bunch of other tweaks and at least one new feature. This month, DICE is looking to do it all over again with another update.

After noting a number of upcoming releases in their roadmap, DICE has released the Prise de Tahure Update, which includes a map, Premium Trials, UI changes, new features for the Rental Server Program and other tweaks/enhancements.

Prise de Tahure is the second night map and the final map for Battlefield 1 'They Shall Not Pass.' It will be available to Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners and anyone who owns the 'The Shall Not Pass' DLC pack. If you own neither, you can access the content through Premium Friends or Premium Trials. 

Premium Trials, another aspect of the update, are timed events that allow Battlefield 1 players who did not purchase the Premium Pass to experience maps. However, it should be noted that earning XP, spawning in vehicles released in the expansion, and progression/unlocks will not be available in Premium Trials.

As for the UI changes, networking issues won't show up in Spectator Mode anymore, the Player Created Content option should be grayed out and unusable anymore. 

You can see all of the changes in detail on the following page in the patch notes. 

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