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Battleborn outlines their plans for future DLC's

Get ready for a lot of content to sink your teeth into.

Battleborn has released an outline for all their confirmed DLC's expected to release over the next few months.

In a recent blog post, the Battleborn devs have decided to fill their players in on their project calendar for all the upcoming confirmed DLC's. Having just deployed six hot fixes and two major content patched, they seem pretty adamant about listening to their players and updating the content accordingly.

We’re hard at work developing the Season Pass content. And, yes, we’re constantly listening to our fans, developing many community-requested features such as a Broadcaster Mode and in-game reporting.

Battleborn's plan is to release new content every other week starting this July. The roadmap apparently details just the confirmed projects on the dockett, some of which gets pushed back, but they assure us they will get to as much of the slated material as regularly as possible. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of what they plan to release:

New Heroes:
-Pendles- releasing July
-3 more heroes to be revealed in late Summer-Fall
3 new PVP Maps, one for each mode
-Broadcaster Mode- allows you to spectate the battlefield using a set of third-person camera controls to follow players on either team, jump to points of interest, or to move freely around the battlefield in Private Versus Matches. (July)
-In-game Reporting- accessible through the scoreboard and allows you to flag players who are suspected of cheating, abandoning games, or ruining the overall experience. (July)
Ongoing changes to matchmaking system and hero balancing.
-Lore Challenges- adjustments to lore requirements as well as how those requirements are tracked.
-New PVP mode this Fall
-Another new PVP mode in late Fall or Winter
-Weekly hot fixes as well as regular updates and patches
DLC packs 1-5:
-playable Story Operation
-unlockable skins and taunts
-early access to heroes 26 through 30 with the use of a hero key.
Premium DLC Timeline:
-Pendles early access with hero key (mid-Summer)
DLC 1 Story Operation “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion” coming late Summer
Heroes 28 – 30 early access, each with a hero key (mid-Summer-Fall
DLC 2 Story Operation (late Summer)
DLC 3 Story Operation (early Fall)
DLC 4 Story Operation (late Fall)
DLC 5 Story Operation (Winter)


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