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Battle the Bugs in "Squish Squash" for the iPhone/iPod Touch Dec 08!

November 25, 2008

Battle the Bugs in "Squish Squash" the Hot New Game for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Addictive New Game from The Dreamhive to Launch at iTunes AppStore in December 2008

The creative minds at The Dreamhive announce the development of a cool, addictive and exciting new game for the iPhone and iPod Touch mobile platforms that finally addresses the age-old question, "Is it better to crush your enemies? Or squash them?" Once iPhone users get their fingers on The Dreamhive's new game Squish Squash... the answer will be clear: Squash 'em!

What is Squish Squash? It's as fast as it is fun -- a colorful, entertaining and pulse-pounding game that superbly spotlights the very latest in iPhone and iPod Touch technology to the fullest. In Squish Squash, you'll need to defend your crumb from being eaten by wave after wave of clever, colorful and determined bugs, by squishing and squashing them first. But you have to hurry, and do it before your crumb disappears!

"The Dreamhive Animation Studio created Squish Squash as an enjoyable, addictive and fast-paced 3D game that really showcases the entertainment capabilities of the iPhone and iPod Touch mobile platforms," comments Wes Grandmont III, Co-founder and Senior CG Supervisor at The Dreamhive. "Squish Squash is set in a rich, vivid and stunningly stylized 3D world of bugs, and was designed to provide a satisfying immersive experience that fully utilizes the iPhone, as well as the iPod Touch's unique touch-based interface."

Squish Squash features four modes of gameplay to challenge everyone from kids to adults, with 100 challenging levels to master, bonus rounds, awards to earn, special super-squashing power-ups, high score tracking and more! The game's highlights include five different types of bugs to battle, each with their own unique personalities and tactics as they try to get a bite of your crumb: Crush and smear the slow moving Brutes to slow the other bugs down, avoid the Hunter bugs that can bite your finger, and the Hoppers, who can only be squashed when they're on the ground. Watch out for the fast moving Wimps -- as well as the hordes of hungry Peons. These bugs are bad news -- and must be squashed!

In addition to addictive gameplay and stunning graphics, Squish Squash features amazing music and sound effects from GameBeat Studios. "Once we saw the game art that The Dreamhive provided to us, the inspiration for the music and sound design came instantly," says Darryl Duncan, President/CEO of GameBeat Studios. "This is going to be a truly amazing game, and GameBeat is thrilled and honored to be a part of it."

The Dreamhive's Squish Squash game perfectly spotlights the technological capabilities of both the iPhone and the iPod Touch, with beautiful and innovative use of the platforms' multi-touch technology, real-time 3D graphics, and sound. The game was developed entirely in-house over a nine-week period by The Dreamhive's founding members, with the game designed and programmed by Wes Grandmont III, who also contributed work modeling the bugs and environment. Art direction and conceptual design work was handled by Mathias Lorenz, and level models and level layout were accomplished by Tom Angus, with assistance from Billy Harper, who also created the game's unique font and acted as lead tester.

"We're proud to say that Squish Squash really features some of the best 3D graphics among applications for the iPhone/iPod Touch technology," adds Grandmont. "Squish Squash will be priced at just $3.99 on the iTunes AppStore, so look for it for purchase and download in December 2008!"

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