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Battle Groups Revealed in New Global Crisis Developer Diary Entry

November 18, 2008

Battle Groups Revealed in New Global Crisis Developer Diary Entry

Paradox Interactive today posted the third in an ongoing series of Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis developer diaries. The latest entry is from Daxon Flynn, game designer at BattleGoat Studios, discussing the management of military units and the introduction of Battle Groups.

In the following excerpt, Daxon elaborates on the reasoning behind introducing Battle Groups to Global Crisis. “All of us at BattleGoat Studios have spent countless hours designing and discussing ways to offer better unit control and management to players. Much of our discussion took place with our members on our active 'BGForums.' Some discussions were heated debates and others were just brainstorming as we tried to come up with any feasible solution to improve the gameplay. One reoccurring request was for a form of regiment or divisional unit. While considering this approach, the key obstacle was map representation. How to model a group of units as a new 'regiment unit' when battalions can occupy different locations became the main stumbling stone. Units damaged, going for repair, moving at different speeds were all things we considered.”

“One common request from players was that they wanted a few more 'number groups' and the ability to rename them. That is what we have done, with a few extras thrown in as well. Battle Groups are the next step forward in allowing players to manage larger numbers of units. For players who already use 'number groups', we've just given you more groups and more ways to use them. For players who don't use 'number groups,' our new system will hopefully allow you to create and use groups with greater ease.”

Read the complete developer diary for the expansion Global Crisis at:

Global Crisis is scheduled for a digital download release via GamersGate during the latter half of Q4, 2008 and will require Supreme Ruler 2020 to play. Supreme Ruler 2020 was released in June 2008.

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