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Battle Command! is coming to your iOS and Android devices Tuesday


If you’re into the tower defense/raiding genre for mobile devices, you’re definitely going to want to take a gander at Battle Command! This sci-fi game challenges you to make the largest army and challenge the world with it. Battle Command! Is a massively multiplayer combat strategy game will follow the free to play model with in game microtransactions.

The key features of this game will revolve around distinct features. With over 20 offensive units and 10 different weapons, there will be different strengths and weaknesses played off on. Find other like players to use diplomacy with to form defensive packs and bonds. Practice your war strategies upon your own base with no damage to structures or lose of troops. A massive choice of 25 single player missions and infinite multiplayer options to play. If you’re wondering, iOS and Android players will be able to play against/with each other

Check out the trailer below, the App Store, and the Play Store. This game will be free to download next Tuesday, November 11th.  

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