Batman vs. Bane and Wonder Woman vs. Harley Quinn? Injustice: Gods Among Us wants your vote

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During the span of the next ten weeks, the characters of Injustice: Gods Among Us will be entering a prerelease Arena duel. These DC superheroes and villains will be pitted against each other in a ‘winner takes all and advances’ sort of tournament. Every Monday, Warner Brothers Entertainment will release videos featuring character strengths and powers so fans can go to their website and vote who would win. Votes must be in before Thursday night and then on Friday they’ll announce who the fan declared winner in.  

Now this week, the opening week, Injustice: Gods Among Us is having Batman vs. Bane and Wonder Woman vs. Harley Quinn. To me, Batman takes Bane and Wonder Woman dominates Harley Quinn – these seem like no brainers to me. Brains will beat pure strength and godly Amazon vs. a total nut seems clean cut to me. Good thing this is based off voters though. I’m curious to see what the users say. Who do you think will win in these matchups?

Watch these videos below, go vote, and tune in Friday to see what the outcomes are. Then don’t forget come Monday there will be new matchups to vote on.

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