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Batman reboot up on IMDB

batman vs bane

Whoa whoa whoa whoa. This is not my Batman cup.

I'm amazed that The Dark Knight Rises isn't even released yet and we're already talking about what the reboot will be like. Can't we just enjoy something nice for once without wondering about what's next?

On IMDB, under Christopher Nolan's page you will find 'Untitled Batman Reboot' for his writer credits. It is listed as 'Announced' with a target release date of '????'. This is all good and well, except Nolan has repeatedly said he's done with Batman. I would love to know who's already announced this movie? And not only that, but Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, The Wrestler) is listed as the director. It's like a guy just announced to his friends he's getting divorced, but he's already seeing a younger woman.

Besides Nolan being listed as Producer and Writer, which I really don't understand, Bob Kane (who died in 1998) is listed as another writer......... what? Wait, he's listed as a writer for every Batman movie since he passed away. Yes, he created Batman, but why is he listed as the writer for a movie and Batman that we know nothing about?

The only thing confirmed by Warner Bros. is that they are making a Justice League film and they have plans to reinvent Batman after Nolan is done. That's all. So why is the entire internet already predicting things for the next version of Batman? Let's just enjoy the masterpiece that Christopher Nolan is about to unleash on us, because after that, we're hyping up whatever dissappointment is sure to follow.

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