Batman: Arkham Origins hits App Store as free-to-play brawler

Batman: Arkham Origins Screenshot - Arkham Origins mobile

Gearing up for the big launch on Oct. 25, Warner Bros. has released a version of Batman: Arkham Origins on the App Store. Only this one's a free-to-play brawler, not an action-adventure game.

The mobile game pits Batman against Gotham's worst thugs and criminals, including Deathstroke, Copperhead, Deadshot, and Bane. Players use two fingers to tap, swipe, and block.

Over 15 Batsuits — each with different speed, health, and damage stats — and over 250 upgrades to skills and stances are available. The Batman Beyond and JSA Liberty Files Batman suits are exclusive to the app. (We already know Warner Bros. has a bunch of outfits planned for the full release.)

If you're planning to pick up Arkham Origins for console or PC, you can connect the game and the app to unlock additional content. So it's kind of like what we just saw with Beyond: Two Souls' mobile controller app, only this is actually a game, too.

Via: Cinema Blend

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