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Batman: Arkham Origins Complete Edition listed on

Batman: Arkham Origins Complete Edition

As is usually the case with games that include a slew of post-launch content, it looks like Batman: Arkham Origins is next on the list. Spotted by Dualshockers via the German Amazon storefront, the listing already includes the new boxart for the game with the new Complete Edition subtitle as well.

The description (in German) doesn't really tell much to specify what's included, but looking back at all the DLC released thus far, this is what should be included in the final game.

  • Cold, Cold Heart - Save the CEO of GothCorp from Mr. Freeze
  • Initiation - Play as young Bruce and complete his training before he became Batman
  • New Millennium Skins Pack
  • Infinite Earths Skin Pack
  • Black Mask Skin Pack
  • Online Supply Drop 1
  • Online Supply Drop 2

It also seems like it will sell at a discounted price. Though the price listed is in Euros, it's easy to imagine that a re-release wouldn't be at full retail price.

Batman Arkham Origins Complete Edition

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