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Batman: Arkham City still has undiscovered secrets


Batman: Arkham City, which released back in October 2011, still has uncovered secrets, so if you've been looking for an excuse to boot it back up this is it.

According to game director Sefton Hill, there are still "three or four" secrets in the game that have yet to be discovered.

"Some of them we put in there that were really obscure were found within a week [like the Scarecrow code]," he said at London's Kapow! Comic Con. "We didn't think anyone would ever solve that, but it only took people two days. But there are still 3 or 4 things that people haven't seen - some of them very subtle things."

Sefton gave the first clue for where you could begin your search.

"There's one that we had right in one of the first demos that we did that nobody has found," he hinted, "it's in there if you look hard enough."

The challenge is set for all of you gunters out there. Head out and uncover these hidden secrets and be sure to share with us all of the neat things you find.  Who knows, maybe Rocksteady has hidden some references to Arkham World?


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