Batman: Arkham City's Online Pass Unlocks Playable Character

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The dreaded online pass, something that's becoming more and more standard in games nowadays, is going to provide a nice little incentive for gamers who purchase Batman: Arkham City new. Putting in your online pass ensures that you get to unlock and play as the sexy and seductive Catwoman.

I know a lot of gamers are most likely sighing and whining about this announcement, but let's face it, just how much do video game developers give us for free nowadays anyways. If anything, Catwoman as a playable character was so exciting to gamers, that getting her as a playable character for buying the game new is a great incentive.

The other side will of course feel like Catwoman should already be playable in the game, since she's most likely already written in the game's code, and you're just going to be "unlocking" your right to use her, which is probably true for both Robin and Nightwing, but living in an age where DLC is so prominent, and where it gets announced even before a game is out, these announcements are no longer surprising.

Of course for those that pick it up used, they will not only have to buy the Online pass separately, but most likely will also have to pay extra for Catwoman as well.

What's your stance on this? Is it OK to allow only new copies of the game to get this juicy extra, or should everyone be entitled to crack a whip at their enemies?

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