Batman: Arkham City is getting a board game

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As is the case with most iconic video gamesBatman: Arkham City is getting a board game. And no, it's not just a re-skinned Monopoly. Cryptozoic Games is creating a board game called Batman: Arkham City Escape and, as the name suggests, it's based on Warner Bros. popular game series.

This two-player game has one person assume the role of Batman and the other as all of the villains, of which there are 40 available to play as, that he has fought in the past and now reside in Arkham Asylum... Or did before they attempted this grand escape. Batman must now fight to restore peace in Arkham City using a combination of stealth, tools, and randomly generated gargoyles that help him travel (like in the game).

For the person controlling the Arkham inmates, he/she earns Victory Points by helping the villains escape. For the Batman player, he/she must apprehend the villains before they make it out of the city. The first player to 10 Victory Points wins. A single playthrough will take about 30-45 minutes.

Batman: Arkham City Escape currently carries a $45 retail price and is planned for a Q2 2013 release.


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