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Basic PlayStation 4 specs revealed

ps4 specs

Taking a cue from their introductory video, Sony didn't build a box. They live by one rule: push the boundaries. Andrew House said the gamer is the focal point of their efforts. Consumer-centric and developer-inspired, they slowly eased into the PlayStation 4 announcement.

Mark Cerny, Lead System Architect, said that Sony started this process early in the PlayStation 3's lifecycle. Admittedly, he said the PS3 has hit its limits in the functionality it can support. That said, the team had several goals for the PS4:

  • Nothing between you and the game
  • Fluidly connect to a larger world
  • What do developers want

Sony finagled their way around the topic in 2008, resulting in a console that's by game creators, for game creators. It has a supercharged PC architecture, an X86 CPU, an enhanced PC GPU, and 8 GB of unified memory, as well as local storage HDD.

System memory uses GDDR5, providing a further boost to the GPU performance. Tasks will only use a fraction of the PS4 GPU. Cerny admits he's excited to see what developers can do with all of the power.

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